May 13, 2015

Puerto Rico Convention Center, Miramar.


TECH SUMMIT 2015 is the premier new business development and technology event pushing the boundaries for government redesign and transformation. The conference hosts together high-ranking government officials engaged in disruptive technological strategies executed as the conference progresses, serving as an example of the various stages of creating enterprise innovation capabilities.  TechSummit 2015 will unite World Government Officials and Tech Industry leaders to push the boundaries of disruption even further into the realms of Algorithmic Regulation and Radical Openness.



Tim O'Reilly

Founder of O'Reilly Media

It is true that “that government governs best that governs least.” But the secret to “governing least” is to identify key outcomes that we care about as a society—safety, health, fairness, opportunity—encode those outcomes into our laws, and then create a constantly evolving set of regulatory mechanisms that keep us on course towards them.

Jennifer Pahlka

Founder and Executive Director of Code for America

Lessons learned as White House Deputy CTO and the future of civic innovation strategies, maximizing talent shortages with appropriate focus.

Tim Falls

Ex Vice President,
Community at Keen IO

“I’m helping Keen IO build an amazing company. My primary contribution is around community”

Paul Baltzell

Vice President, Community at Keen IO

Has over 18 years experience working in various areas of IT consulting and management. After serving in the US Navy, Paul began his career with EDS as a systems engineer later moving on to work with various consulting firms.


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PR TECH SUMMIT is the premier networking and business development hub for technology professionals in the Caribbean. Sponsors and attendees are encouraged to register early and take advantage of special rates. For additional information please contact, Jorge Besu at 787.504.0006 or e-mail: Jorge@inhauz.com