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For 2013 - 2015 Hackathon Participants

We think your role in previous events has been awesome!  You created value and showed what was possible, now we want you as part of the conversation.  Special, unique discount <HackerAlumni> to be part of the conversation.  Few tickets left!

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Eventbrite - Tech Summit 2016: The Strategy is Delivery.


For Private Sector companies and individuals

From designing better user interfaces, to raising venture capital, to payment processing, to government services and ride-sharing, behind these stories there is a strategy and it's called Delivery - be part of TechSummit 2016 and learn to deliver results, growth, engagement and business value!  
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Eventbrite - Tech Summit 2016: The Strategy is Delivery.


For Government Employees
We value your role as a public servant.  We are aware of the challenges and look forward to sharing with you the "Delivery Mindset" - making sure your job is better engaged with the user you are trying to serve.
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Eventbrite - Tech Summit 2016: The Strategy is Delivery.

NGO / Academia

For NGO's and Academia

We are answering the call to bring computer science to every high school and we look forward to engaging with you in the discussion.  Reserved only for Academia professors and NGO leaders.
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Eventbrite - Tech Summit 2016: The Strategy is Delivery.


Darrell Silver

Co-founder & CEO of Thinkful

Engineer, co-founder of Thinkful, and before that Perpetually, acquired by Smarsh/Dell. Darrell Silver is the CEO and co-founder of the career training company Thinkful. Previously, he founded Perpetually in 2009 and sold it in 2012 to Smarsh, a subsidiary of Dell. It is now Smarsh Web Archiving. At 25, Darrell ran trade execution for all statarb strategies at The Clinton Group, a quantitative hedge fund. He is also an active angel investor in New York City.

Erie Meyer

Founding member of the US Digital Service

Named one of Forbes 2014 30 under 30, Erie Meyer is a founding member of the United States Digital Service, and serves on the HQ team within the White House. Her team is charged with using the best of product design and engineering to transform the way government works for American people. Previously, she served as a Senior Advisor to the U.S. CTO at the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy, where she worked on the President’s Open Data Initiatives.

Traci Walker

United States Digital Service
Traci Walker leads the adoption at Federal level of digital service methods through effective procurement. One of the original contributors to the TechFAR and support the implementation of the Digital Service Playbook by creating best practices for procurement officials to utilize and, engineering contracts for agile software development, cloud hosting, and open source software support.

Francisco Sordo

General Manager, UBER
Francisco Sordo has had an outstanding perform due to his entrepreneurship and leadership, specifically in the e-business sector.

Currently he holds the position of Country Manager Mexico & the Caribbean at Uber, where he is responsible the operations and overall activities for the region that represents the third biggest market of the company.

He previously was Regional Manager for the Bajío region in Mexico where he leaded the most successful launch for Uber in Latin America.

Brian Holt

Engineer at Netflix
A resident of San Francisco, currently works as a senior user interface engineer at Netflix. This means he uses JavaScript to enable your (and his) binge watching of House of Cards. Previously he worked as the director of redditgifts front end at reddit.

Paul Ahlstrom

Managing Director and Co-founder, Alta Ventures

In 2007, Mr. Ahlstrom co-founded Alta Growth Capital, based in Mexico City and Kickstart Seed Fund based in Salt Lake City.  Mr. Ahlstrom has directly participated in more than 90 venture capital investments and represented vSpring Capital on the boards of which was sold in 2007 to a private equity firm and went public in 2009 (NASDAQ:ACOM), GlobalSim, which was sold to Kongsberg Maritime (KOG – Oslo Stock Exchange), Senforce, which was sold to Novell (NASDAQ: NOVL), among others.

Jay Fonseca

Josué Fonseca (better known as Jay Fonseca) is a Puerto Rican journalist, radio host, lawyer, and political analyst. Fonseca currently appears in Día a Día and Telenoticias on Telemundo Puerto Rico. Very active on the social media scene he is one of our leading journalist and political analyst on this front.

Chente Ydrach


Vicente Ydrach, mejor conocido como “Chente”, es uno de los comediantes puertorriqueños más populares de la actualidad. Hace cuatro años, adquirió fama en la red social con una serie de vídeos en los que personificaba a un maleante estereotípico llamado “Fico Fronte”. Sin embargo, su fuerte es el stand-up, donde es reconocido como un talentoso y atrevido comediante.

Tim Falls

VP Community,
Tim is the Vice President of Community for Keen IO – a platform and toolset for data analytics.
He previously led the community team at SendGrid and helped with community efforts at Techstars in its early days. Growing up, Tim created overlap in Venn Diagrams of various social circles – the smart kids and jocks, stoners and straight-edged, cool kids and band nerds. Today he helps bring together people from different worlds – be those geographic, professional, spiritual, socioeconomic, or other – fostering environments of inclusion and value.

Andrés Colón Perez

Digital Services Expert, US Digital Service

Serving the public by helping transform the way government builds and delivers digital services to its citizens.  Served as the primary advisor to the Chief Information Officer, performing the equivalent responsibilities of a Chief Technology Officer and Chief Security Officer during this period. A science and technology enthusiast with an entrepreneurial spirit and an unquenchable passion for team innovation, knowledge discovery and accelerated progress.

Greg Gershman

Partner and CEO, AdHoc Group

An experienced software developer and entrepreneur, Greg’s career has included work in both government and startups. Greg’s experience as a Presidential Innovation Fellow and as part of the “tech surge” that fixed after its troubled launch, and his belief that small, smart teams of developers can improve how government delivers services, led him to co-found Ad Hoc in 2014.



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